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We have simplified everything that can be simplified. The result is an unparalleled technology revolution that has you, the customer,  and the environment at the heart of our design.

Our charging robot will take a place in the power grid of the future and act as smart electricity valve. A premium product at a competitive price, where all you have to think about is the colour of the unit.

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Home charging – Easee Home
A smart, powerful and future proofed home charger.

Commercial charging – Easee Charge
Innovative charging for apartment blocks, commercial buildings, new developments , fleet and larger parking facilities.

Why choose Easee?

Small. Smart.
Full of power.

We always focus on optimizing the design and value of all the products we develop, so that you get the best possible experience without compromising on price, quality and functionality.

Our products will become part of the future power grid, a power grid that distributes power more efficiently and utilizes existing capacity in the best possible way.

This is how we save society and the environment from unnecessary use of resources and contribute to a greener tomorrow.

22 kW

Full of power

The charger can charge on both 1- and 3-phase and supports charging up to 22 kW. It has a Type 2 universal charging connector. With the ability to connect up to several in series, start with 1 and expand as needed.


Unique load balancing

Easee Charge enables load balancing of up to 101 units. charging robots per circuit, both online and offline. Easee Home enables load balancing up to 3 charging robots on a single circuit without the need for extra infrastructure (wireless).

69 %


The charging robot is 69% smaller and lighter than other electric vehicle  chargers, with similar functionality. It weighs only 1.5kg! This means that we save the environment at least 4 kg of copper and plastic per produced charger.

Made in Norway
– for Norwegian weather conditions

We develop and manufacture our products in Norway. In this way, we can monitor the production of our products and ensure they are being made to the best quality . At the same time, we support the Norwegian business community and save the climate for significant greenhouse gas emissions in the supply chain.

The Charging Robot thrives just as well on the outside of a house as on the inside of a garage. Its components are of high quality and uniquely assembled . It is IP54 certified and is designed to withstand the Norwegian climate.

We want you as a customer to have confidence that you have bought lasting quality. A product from Easee comes with a 3-year warranty.

Feel safe

We have added 3 extra levels of security so we can sleep well at night, knowing that you can too. Safety is a critical part of the design.

With an Easee Charging Robot you can be rest assured that charging is done safely. It is designed to the latest standards. In addition, there is built-in electronic earth fault protection that ensures the detection of direct current and earth faults.

The Charging Robot is also equipped with temperature sensors that prevent excessive heat build-up. You also don’t have to worry about the physical security either, the charging cable can be permanently locked in the box via the app or the local WIFI interface.

How to buy the Easee Charging Robot?

Contact us

Contact us to order Easee Home or Easee Charge. You can buy just the charger, or get installation bundled from one of our selected installer partners.

Read more about our installers Pluss


Our installers have extensive experience and go far to provide high quality services.


Your time is valuable and should be spent on what is most important to you. Installers respect this and therefore deliver an efficient installation.


Installers strive to provide the customer with the best installation experience in the world and are helpful if you have any questions.

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This is what our
partners are saying

  • “I find the easee charge incredibly easy to install and program. As of today, I would only use the easee station for my home.”

    Miron Shemo: Project Manager Krebs Elektro AG
  • “The easee charge robot robots impress me above all by their size and the many capabilities this station possesses! The simplicity of commissioning is amazing!”

    Roland Imfeld: CEO of AC / DC Elektro GmbH
  • “From the point of view of a service provider in the field of sustainable energy production and its distribution, we see the new easee Charge stations as the most innovative product on the market. In short: Efficient, well thought-out, attractively priced, and simple in terms of installation and overall handling. Exactly what we need!”

    Arno Krey: CEO Akkula GmbH
  • “That`s really an easy system! Super simple and thought-out from A-Z and the product keeps everything it promises.”

    Silvan Bingesser: CEO Bingesser Huber Elektro AG
  • “Wow, this is by far the best charging system I`v ever seen! We will immediately adjust all offers and switch to easee.”

    Oli Lacher: CEO Bichler AG
  • “Well, I have to say, that`s really very easy – the brand name says it all! A really brilliant system!”

  • “What cool charging stations! I`ve never seen such small, powerful and technologically advanced products!”

    Stefan Steinmann: Project Manager Etavis AG
  • “These charging stations are awesome! We are much faster in installing and commissioning! Especially the configuration via the beautifully designed WebApp is extremely user-friendly.”

    Andi Bühler: CEO Hustech Installations AG
  • “If this charging station really delivers what it promises, you have the best conditions to conquer this market!”

    Albert Lehmann, CEO swisscharge.ch AG