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Easee Charging cable is supplied with Type 1 connector (1-phase) or with Type 2 connector (3-phase). Maximum current of 32A. The cable is designed and manufactured in Germany and is of very high quality. It can be permanently locked to your Easee Charger Robot. Handles and cord are in the colour matt black.

  • Lock the charging cable permanently to the Charging Robot

  • Matte black handle and cord.

  • Type 1 or 2 connector, 3 phases and a maximum current of 32A.

  • High quality charging cable that elegantly fits with the Easee Charging Robot.

  • Good length, which suits most needs. Choose between 5 or 7 meters in length.

Why choose Easee Charging Cable?

High quality.
High charging power

Easee Charging Cable is manufactured from high quality cables. The charging cable has a good length, can withstand high charging power and at the same time has a nice design with good quality. The result is a high quality charging cable that elegantly fits with the Easee Charging Robot.

More reasons to choose Easee Charging Cable Pluss

  • Cable type: Mode 3

  • AC charging cable Contact: Type 1 or Type 2

  • Maximum charging capacity: 22 kW

  • Number of phases: 3

  • Maximum current: 32A

  • IP class: IP54 (IP44 in connected mode)

  • Length: 7.5 m Weight: 3.65 kg (5m), 4.54 kg (7.5m)

32 A


With Easee Charging Cable you can charge with a full 32A. It charges as fast as possible and gives you guaranteed high charging power.

7,5 M

Cable length

Easee Charging Cable is 7.5 meters long. A good cable length that suits most needs.

3 Year


We want you as a customer to have confidence that you have bought lasting quality. A product from Easee includes a 3 year warranty.

Proud collaboration
German quality

Easee is proud to collaborate with German Phoenix Contact, which develops and manufactures our Easee Charging Cables. Phoenix Contact realized early on that the future of mobility lies in electricity. The high quality of their products and innovative strength is the result of 10 years of continuous development of charging technology for e-mobility.

Permanent locking

Easy locking
of charging cable

1. Connection

Plug the charging cable into the Easee Charging Robot, then into the car.

2. Permanent lock

Activate the lock function via the wifi interface or even easier via the Easee App.